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Condos in Grand Junction, Colorado

Not many options, may be more in the future.

Grand Junction is behind in building condos as many other Colorado cities have. As home prices continue to increase condos will likely start appearing in the Grand Junction area.

Current options for affordable living in Grand Junction

There are a few condo units in the Clifton area. These are typically run - down in appearance and undesirable places to live. They are more for the person facing hard times rather than the person looking to move up, such as first time buyers. The condo's in Clifton are there because they may be more affordable than rent as their price is generally around $60,000. With no money down, this is still a low payment, cheaper than most rent.

Townhomes and multi-family Living

Grand Junction does have a variety of 2 family homes (twin homes) scattered in various neighborhoods. Some are very nice and new and some are a bit run down. Town homes are not very prevalent in the city, however.

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