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In general the most affordable homes in the Grand Junction area can be found in the old town off of North Ave surrounding the Lincoln Park area (81501). This area has a bit of a run-down appearance. Nicer affordable homes around the $200,000 mark +/- can be found in SE (south east) Grand Junction (81504) and Clifton (81520). This area has many entry level neighborhoods in the 1100-1500 square foot range. Just a little bit pricier than this are similar neighborhoods in Fruita - a small town, only a 15 minute drive from Grand Junction. The nicest areas of Grand Junction are the Redlands area near the Colorado National Monument, and North and Far North and North West Grand Junction where many large estate homes can be found.

Prices of Grand Junction Homes

As of March, 2007, the following are approximate prices one can expect to find while shopping for a home in Grand Junction.
  • $60,000 - $125,000 Small, old 2 bed 1 bath fixer upper in town
  • $110,000 - $135,000 Small, old 2 bed 1-2 bath in town
  • $140,000 - newer manufactured home on own lot
  • $150,000 - a rare 3 bed 2 bath fixer upper, 1000-1200 square feet stick built home
  • $175,000 - $220,000 - A nice, newer 3 bed 2 bath, 1000 - 1650 square feet home, mostly in SE Grand Junction
  • $220,000 - $280,000 - A wider variety of 3 bed 2 bath to 4 bed 3 bath homes with more deluxe features and more availability across many areas of town
  • $280,000 - $350,000 - The nicest of homes around 2000 square feet
  • $350,000+ - larger homes in nicer areas such as Redlands and North Grand Junction, may have more land

Prices of Larger Deluxe Homes

Large deluxe homes of approx 4500 sq feet plus, possibly on acreage, usually sell for between $1 million and $3.5 million. Most of these homes are in Redlands area and far North West Grand Junction. Generally, the most land you will find with a home that is near to Grand Junction is 15 acres or less.

Lots & Land in Grand Junction, Colorado

The cost of lots in Grand Junction is going up quick. A lot that is 1/5 of an acre may sell for about $80,000. If you're looking to buy large acreage in Grand Junction, you may be out of luck. A 40 acre agricultural lot near to Grand Junction may run about $2 million. But there are more affordable options. In Glade Park, which sits just over the Colorado National Monument and about 30 minute drive from Grand Junction has large 35-40 acre lots that sell for $100,000 to $250,000. Many homes in Glade Park are very deluxe with price tags of $1 million plus. There are also 40 acre lots with fixer upper manufactured homes, with increasing prices, these will probably fade away in the Glade Park area in favor of the more deluxe homes. Glade Park sits at about 6000 to 6500 feet elevation. Other options for large acreage include DeBeque, Mesa, Collbran on the east side of Grand Junction and Loma and Mack to the west of Grand Junction near Fruita.

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