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Weather in Grand Junction, Colorado

Offering 4 distinct seasons in a dry environment

Grand Junction Colorado offers 4 seasons with both mild to hot summers and mild winters. Grand Junction receives about 2 feet of snow per year and it generally falls a few inches at a time and then melts off. The ground is usually not covered in snow and there is generally no need to shovel snow constantly or feel buried in snow. The hottest months in Grand Junction are July and August with average highs of 92 and 90 degrees F, respectively. During the same months, the average low is a nice 61 and 60 degrees, respectively. The winter months dip down into the teens and occassionally lower. Most years will see a maximum low temperature for the year of about 0 to 5 degrees F. The average December - January high is 39 with an avearge low of 16 degrees F.

Some weather facts about Grand Junction, CO

July is the warmest month on average.
January is the coolest month on average.
The highest recorded temperature was 106F in 2005.
The lowest recorded temperature was -23F in 1963.
The maximum precipitation occurs in March, May, August, September, October on average with the least in June, January, December, February.
Grand Junction has over 300 sunny days per year.

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